bSeolized templateSpinner

bSeolized templateSpinner makes it easy for you to generate new unique templates based on input templates you supply the software.

Some keypoints of the tool:

  • Shuffles all CSS blocks ( gathered both from external files and inline snippets ) and re-arranges them into new files and random inline inserts;
  • Renames CSS selectors and class/id names of all HTML elements into dictionary-based random generated names;
  • Gently randomizes many CSS properties that do not break the whole page structure;
  • Generates new unique images from your input collection by transforming them with many different filters and replaces all images from the input template;
  • Renames all external CSS/JavaScript files with dictionary-based generated names;
  • Optional CSS/HTML minification

It is now possible to generate 1000s of templates for shadowMaker and use a unique template on each and every shadowDomain you generate.

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