bSeolized shadowmaker 6.5 release

bSeolized shadowMaker 6.5 release

  • New content generation engine with option to turn off all advanced settings for getting very fast content generation for link indexing;
  • Totally rewritten the Dripfeeding code and scheduling of dripfeeding;
  • Rewritten content grabbing engine to be able to detect correct language and only scrape that content. Also improved so only main content is scraped;
  • Spintax is supported in titles, descriptions and content input;
  • Added support for for automatic submission of generated pages;
  • Added support for enabling and disabling of CSV keyword redirect or change and update the csv redirect;
  • Added support for randomizing the keyword input file;
  • A beta feature to create automated silo structured sites (This function does not work with dripfeeding yet) This uses different method of adding inner pages and link structure on site also looks different;
  • Changed the core logic of split keywords so they would cycle through all keywords;
  • Changed the logic of most recent crosslink’s  to be very simple to include in template;
  • Interlink only new pages function added to be able to generate a isolated amount of urls that link only to each other, can be used for batch interlinking as well;
  • New external link, date range and image token added (can be found in token manual);
  • Changed all settings to be able to take ranges;
  • Many speed ups which translates to many times faster site generation specially if you are generating large batches of sites;
  • File database support added so all past generated urls of a domain are saved inside database which makes the interlinking of different urls very fast (shadowmaker no longer needs to look what urls exists on each generation to be able to interlink to past urls);
  • X.cgi is totally rewritten and now has its own built in web server to give fastest possible site serving and cloaking;
  • New statistics tool added;
  • X.cgi now uses mysql to store hit statistics rather than txt files;
  • Many bug fixes;
  • Some features have been already included in beta versions hence some of you might have seen and used some of the changes already;
  • New client area for downloading latest version at, you will need to register an account with same name as you used before or send us a email with details;

All accounts are manually activated so please give us up to 24h to activate account depending on time of the day you register.