Major update for bSeolized shadowMaker™

Here at, we have been working hand in hand with GmbH since September 2009 to grow and enhance the bSeolized shadowMaker range of products. Amongst cloaking software, bSeolized shadowMaker is widely recognized as the weapon of choice and we plan to keep it that way! Accordingly, we have a number of exciting developments to announce:

The introduction of “Central X”, a centralized version of the x.cgi file, represents a major leap forward in usability. In using bSeolized shadowMaker, clients will be familiar with the need to install the cloaking script for each and every domain, that and the adding of domains to the hosting panel (together with meticulous attention to permissions). Whilst it has to be said that bSeolized shadowMaker is an exceptional product and this is all very worthwhile, it might be considered at best a somewhat arduous task.

Central X does away with all of this. Domains are added into one of the fields as part of the bSeolized shadowMaker site creation process and the cloaking script and permissions take care of themselves. This means that every installation is so much faster and easier – and for less technically able people it makes the system very much more user-friendly.

Another step forward is the introduction of separate threading for the site creation process. Put simply, you no longer have to wait for one project to finish before commencing the next. Provided that you have sufficient server power, you can kick off one project after another – bSeolized shadowMaker will remember all the field details for each separate project and will run them concurrently. I hardly need add that site creation is much more efficient, but at the same time your other work activities benefit from fewer interruptions.

In terms of tangible results, the new bSeolized shadowMaker offers the ability to target secondary keywords and this is an aspect that is really over-delivering. The keyword density for the secondary keywords is set separately from the primary keyword density and this introduces a good level of flexibility. As you might expect, the addition of a handful of secondary keywords from a secondary keyword file can do much to boost the performance of your page’s primary keyword. But it does very much more than this. What we are seeing is that often the secondary keywords themselves are achieving healthy ranking and bringing further visitors in their own right.

Then, we have content Master. Sure enough, there is a first-rate content generator supplied as part of bSeolized shadowMaker, but bSeolized contentMaster does the job very much faster and to the same standard. This exceptional desktop software will deliver your content file in minutes not hours. Installation is straightforward and operation is intuitive – you can target your niches using the wordlist, automatically remove ‘badwords’ and when you are ready, simply upload the content file to your content folder. Job done. Fast.

Another handy feature is its ability to generate comprehensive keyword lists by combining the ‘suggest’ tools in the various search engines. Furnishing it with a basic ‘seed’ keyword list will return results containing long-tail keywords according to your requirements. It will remove duplicates and will also remove long-tail keywords containing any term you specify.

Clearly this is a powerful tool which will be useful to anyone needing scraped content files and substantial keyword lists .

Finally, we have just released a major bSeolized shadowMaker upgrade. Sites created by the new version will include a CSS style sheet. A couple of templates are included for your convenience but for optimal results you are encouraged to add your own. This upgrade means that bSeolized shadowMaker sites will resemble regular sites much more closely and can now be as unique as you want them to be, thus providing additional protection against detection.